Black Bear Trapping
$1895 per person - $500 deposit required
September & October

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Black Bear   

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This hunt includes a clean comfortable cabin and everything needed to trap a Maine black bear. A Maine guide is with you at all times. Your guide will help you set a foothold snare, ( which we provide )and all other equipment needed to successfully trap a bear. Your trap will be placed at an active bait along with a game camera to monitor activity 24 hours a day. Trapping regulations in Maine are very strict and your guide will be sure that all state regulations are followed. Your trap will be checked daily by you and your guide.

Once you have caught and your bear has been taken, your guide will get your bear back to camp where it will be skinned, the meat quartered and frozen until your departure.

This hunt is a 7 night / 6 day adventure.

All trappers need to bring towels, sleeping bag & pillows. You will need to purchase a trapping license and a bear tag.

Since your trap is checked once daily, you may choose to do some fishing, coyote hunting, moose watching, sightseeing or relaxing at the lodge and pool.

All trappers have full access to our kitchen and rec area for cooking and gathering with friends and fellow hunters.






  Get your licenses and Bear Information on the
Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife



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